Friday, April 20, 2007

Feedback ?

Thank you for your interest in Advaita Today ..

I would be delighted to have your thoughts, comments and criticism on all that has been written here. While you may leave your comments on any of the posts ... it would be nicer if you could use this post to leave your comments as this would help me (and other visitors) have a consolidated view.

You may also write to me directly at prithwis AT yantrajaal DOT com

May the Grace be with you


pushpa divecha said...

Amazing study and introspection. Congratulations. Would like to share your insights. Since I am not into blogging, kindly respond on

leprechaun said...

Oh... not much feedback on such a fine essay... but I enjoyed it all the way!

Quite fascinating that chapter on the genome. Anyway, I will read it again for there are new things to be discovered.

And I also leave a tiny poem written long ago... my traveling songs that I used to sing along! :)

When I'm thirsty
I drink from the inner peace
When I'm hungry
I eat from the inside bliss

Who can give you
A gift such as this?

Namaste... Peace!

Jai Sat Chit Anand!!! :)

PS: And of course I'm going to see your other blogs... eager to learn and clear all misty fogs! ;)